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Friends of Canford Events



Glorious sunshine streamed through the glass windows of John O’Gaunts to welcome guests for the renewed FCS Spring Luncheon. Guests were welcomed with refreshments and beautiful vocal selections from two talented Upper Sixth form music students. Lunch included a delicious and beautifully presented main course and exquisite dessert from the excellent Canford catering team. The guest speaker, Sarah Eyton, is a jewellery designer and artist and OC daughter. She gave an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation on her artist father (OC 1941B), her career as an artist, and a fun outlook on her jewellery creations. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and look forward to the next FCS luncheon.




Twelve keen participants took part in the exacting sport of Rifle Shooting at the Friends of Canford ‘Have a Go’ series. Following a instructional talk from Canford master Dan Culley and parent Richard Dyball, three small groups took their round of shots and a bonus round in competition shoot conditions. Interesting to note that the women were better shots than the men! Following the exciting review of targets, everyone retired to a relaxing lunch at John O’Gaunts. Canford School is so fortunate to have this excellent facility; hope to see you at next year’s event.


Noel Noel 2017


Following a warming cup of mulled wine in Long Gallery, guests assembled for the treat of Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir performing at Canford School under the direction of David Gostick. The Great Hall looked resplendent with festive décor as everyone settled in for an evening of wonderful holiday songs and readings. Among the traditional favourites were a wide variety of choral music including toe-tapping tunes, swinging spirituals and interesting contemporary pieces. Readings included thought provoking prose interspersed with amusing poetry. The audience participated with gusto in the final songs before a tremendous round of applause to a fabulous evening.




Over 70 parents and guests attended the Annual Quiz Night in October, ably compered by Rev. Jack. With eight teams bearing such names as the Red Roses, Haven’t a Clue and Hopeless, competition was keen. The opening rounds saw participants trying to match Beatles songs with the album they appeared in and guessing what sort of berries various photos referred to; other rounds had underlying themes such as the D Day landings and England cricket players. Many thanks to Candice Raby for the excellent preparation of quiz questions.

Reinforced by the excellent lasagne and salad dinner provided thanks to the school catering, and possibly some of the wine and beer consumed, the evening ended with, appropriately for Halloween, The Old Bats running out winners. Five teams were within 8 points of their score of 78. As for the Headmaster, having triumphed last year, he emulated the fate of Leicester City and appeared much closer to the other end of the table! Many thanks to all who attended and the students who informed attendees about SHINE – one of the partnership projects which are funded by proceeds from events like the Quiz Night.



People gathered on Saturday, November 4th to enjoy a morning of lacrosse supported by the Friends of Canford. Canford sports mistress, Michelle Bray gave an excellent overview of the sport including the origins and development through to where it is on the sporting map here in the UK and at Canford School. After a roundup of the rules and strategy, we were out on the pitch ready with lacrosse sticks. Various techniques and drills were practiced before we split into two teams for a quick friendly match on half the pitch. Both novices and experienced players made up the teams, and everyone had such fun playing and trying to play! Lots of laughter ensued over amusing play, and goals and non-goals made for a wonderful time in the glorious sunshine. Back at the Pavilion, we relaxed with a light lunch catered from the school and just enjoyed some time to chat and share more stories with each other before heading off to various Saturday sports fixtures. The Lacrosse morning is a fun way to meet other parents and looks to be a popular continuing feature on the Friends of Canford calendar!