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Two or three times a term, at intervals of three or four weeks, assessments are given for each pupil on the basis of their work since the last assessment was made. There are three categories of assessment: attainment, effort in written work, and classroom behaviour.

These three grades are designed to help school, pupil, and parent monitor the progress of each pupil. Parents will be able to access the assessments on the Parent Portal shortly after they are published, and will be emailed when they are ready to view.   Pupils will go through the assessments with their tutor in the course of the following week.  The assessment process aims to ensure that any issues or concerns are picked up and addressed quickly and should be a proactive and positive experience.

SHELLS FOURTH FORM (until Christmas, after which they move on to target grades) FIFTH FORM, LOWER SIXTH AND UPPER SIXTH

Grades are awarded for work of the following standard:

Grades are awarded for a level of performance which, if maintained, might be expected to lead to the following grades:

Pupils are given a target grade, and assessed for their overall level of attainment against this. A prediction is made on the basis of all information available to date, and grades are awarded as follows:

1 = Excellent standard

2 = Good standard

3 = Moderate standard

4 = Standard below expectation/causing concern

1 = Old Grade A*/A; New Grade 9-8

2 = Old Grade A/B; New Grade 7-6

3 = Old Grade B/C; New Grade 5-4

4 = Old Grade D or lower; New Grade 3 or lower

1 = Above target

2 = On target

3 = Below target (one grade)

4 = Well below target (two or more grades)

The four attainment grades for Shells and Fourth Form are not predicted grades but an indication of the current level of performance. For the Shells, the attainment grades measure the standard relative to expectations for the set in which the pupil is taught.

These grades reflect the effort that has gone into producing written work.
1 Excellent effort to ensure detail, accuracy and good presentation of work
2 Good effort: work is generally thorough and well presented
3 Mixed effort not matching potential
4 Poor effort: work is superficial or incomplete and requires much more thought and development
Classroom Behaviour

These grades should reflect behaviour in lessons and attitude to learning.

1 Shows academic leadership by actively contributing
2 Attentive and engaged
3 Occasionally inattentive
4 Inattentive and often disruptive